The Huntresses (Joseon Beautiful Three « 조선미녀 삼총사 ») is a movie by Park Je-Hyun featuring Hai Ji Won, Gang Ye-Won and Son Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls).


Jin-Ok (Ha Ji-Won), Hong-Dan (Gang Ye-Won) and Ga-Bi (Son Ga-In) are three beautiful bounty hunters. They work as a team with Moo-Myung (Ko Chang-Seok) who brings them job assignments.

Meanwhile, secret envoys, who are supposed to deliver a stauroscope to the King of the Joseon Dynasty, are killed by unknown assassins one by one. One secret envoy is able to escape from the assassins. A high-ranking official from the King's side then visits the cabin where Moo-Myung and the three bounty hunters are staying. The official shows a sketch of the secret envoy to Moo-Myung and asks him to find the envoy and the stauroscope which is in his possession. The official offers a large sum of money as a reward.

Jin-Ok, Hong-Dan and Ga-Bi then set out to find the envoy. They are soon swarmed by assassins and Jin-Ok finds herself facing the man responsible



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